Imagine a ball of energy, floating in space, about the size of a basketball.

Make it burn with a powerful, pure white, fauceted light that is the auditory equivalent of a very clean, crystal clear – barely perceptible high pitched tone…

Now imagine perceiving the vast universe outside of this ball of energy using this term of reference – that there is everything that is this ball of energy and there is everything that is not this ball of energy only. Imagine these two states from that perspective.

Alright, now, under the entire pressure of the vast universe, spin and compress this ball of energy into a minutely tiny, cosmic, energetic diamond spark – so that you have only the perspective of that which is this spark and that which is not this spark. Experience the perspective from within the center of ther spark.

Now turn this spark inside out like a donut and fold all time and space – all that is not this spark – within the spark. Again, experience the perspective from within the spark.

Now overlap the images of the tiny spark with everything on the outside and the image of the tiny spark with everything on the inside. Experience the perspective of both states simultaneously. If you have trouble with that imagine flipping back and forth between the two states faster and faster until, like a film, it merges and blends into a singular experience.

Well done! Now go do the exercise again – except imagine yourself as that ball of energy.

by Mardi…written Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 11:16pm

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