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Or you can download the PDF file here ūüôā ¬†¬†

I remember, I was in school ¬†learning how to write words for the first time and thinking to myself , “Finally. I can write poetry again!” ¬†I don’t remember what I wrote , but I do remember playing with a tub of sand when the Principal and some grown ups came into the classroom toContinue Reading

*** For a richer experience, be sure to open the links, seen as high-lighted words, in the  blog *** I have the great privilege of living in one of the most spectacular places on earth.  The snow capped Coastal mountains are at my back, my toes dip into the shimmering blue palette of the PacificContinue Reading

Imagine a ball of energy, floating in space, about the size of a basketball. Make it burn with a powerful, pure white, fauceted light that is the auditory equivalent of a very clean, crystal clear – barely perceptible high pitched tone… Now imagine perceiving the vast universe outside of this ball of energy using thisContinue Reading

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