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ardi is a Poet and an internationally selling Artist. Mardi transcends cultural boundaries in both the art world and her personal life. Presently, she is living with her husband Michael and their family on the ancestral lands of the Squamish Nation, tucked in the rainforest on the mountainous coast of British Columbia, Canada. Mardi was born in Karachi to a German mother and an Indian father. She grew up in a highly multicultural suburb of Toronto. World-travelled, and with English, French, Italian, German, Pakistani, Indian and Canadian heritage represented in their 3 children, Mardi and her family consider themselves world citizens.With the Coastal Mountains at her back and the Pacific Ocean at her toes, Mardi spends part of each day roaming the forest trails with her hounds.

Nature and the energy patterns hidden within are her inspiration. Mardi’s talent lies in her fluid translation of thought into physical form. Self-taught, Mardi began painting in 2003. She has developed at an accelerated pace, no doubt, aided by her genius aptitude for spatial mathematics. Her bold, expansive works engage themes of the balance and energy. Masculine and feminine energies – the logical and the intuitive – the chaotic and the structural – the fluid and the static are all dichotomies that play gracefully into her masterworks.

Light, waves and helixes reflect Mardi’s love of physics and quantum theory in the Inlightning Collection. Mercurial fish swim in schools of thought in the Stream of Consciousness Collection and true horsepower is released in the Equus Collection.

Mardi has been self represented for most of her career, selling directly to patrons all over the world directly from her studio. Now that her collections are quite expansive, including an Architectural Art Glass line, Mardi has begun to show in Canadian galleries and international shows. She debuted her works internationally at Cannes, during the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. For International Womens Day 2013, she represented Canada at the 13 Women Show in the UK.

She is also the author of a proposal for a World School of Peace, inspired by her work as a mother of 3 and foster parent for 30 youth. The proposal is endorsed by H.H. the Dalai Lama and Dr. Robert Muller, founder of the United Nations University of Peace (23 Nobel nominations).

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